Computer Aided Design Examples

Here are two examples of how 3d computer aided design (CAD) can help visualize possible design options. The intent of this first project was to enlarge the interior living area by enclosing the existing screened lanai. These pictures show the living and dining areas before the renovation. The lanai is beyond the French doors.

before1 before2

Removing the walls will square off the living/dining space, but we need at least a column at the corner of the old walls and a beam from the column to the back wall. The photos below show some of the options we looked at to help the owners decide how it would best work for them.

option with shelves option with arch

simple sqaure column round column

It is also possible to change the colors and materials and show furniture arrangements, but that wasn't needed for this project.

This next example is a renovation to a home in a downtown historic district. The original portion of this house was built in the late 1800's. Many modifications had been made since. The last incarnation was a restaurant. This is what it looked like at the start:


 Along with many interior changes to return it to a single-family residence, the plan was to remove the recent one-story addition on the right side and wrap the two-story porch around this side. This porch balances with the existing one on the left side.

The 3d computer rendering below shows how the house will look with the new porch design and paint colors. In this case, it was helpful in showing the Historic District Commission what was intended.


Below is the finished home.


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