Elizabeth A. Dion, Architect

How can I help you? One of the things I like most about architecture is working with people to help them realize their dreams or, at least, improve their surroundings. Design is an interactive process. Communication is the key to getting the best results.

These are some of the things I can help you with:

Residential and small commercial design

New construction, additions and renovations.

Accessibility remodeling

Design consultations: Maybe you have an idea and want a second opinion before spending the time and money. Maybe you need a little more space or wish the space you had just worked better. Maybe you plan to make a little change now but want to be sure it will not interfere with other changes you hope to make in the future or hurt resale value. An hour or two of consultation may be all you need.

artist studio addition

I use 3d CADD (computer aided drafting and design) software that lets us see how the design will look from many angles as the project progresses. Click on the photos below to see examples of how this can work.



Sustainable or "green" design starts with basic principles that have always been good design. Some of these are:

  • efficient use of space to limit building more than needed;
  • location of the building on site for minimal environmental impact;
  • placing the building and arranging the rooms and windows  to take advantage of sun light, shade and prevailing breezes;
  • arrangement of spaces to make the best use of the structural system to be used, thereby reducing waste and avoiding special (and costly) means of support such as large beams;
  • for additions and renovations, reusing existing while giving it new life can be the greenest choice of all.

As you can see, good design in not only "green" but can save money. Once you have an efficient design that makes best use of the site, you can choose sustainable, non-toxic, energy-efficient materials for a home that is truly "green".

Additionaddition interior

A few words about style: Style has more to do with the client's likes and dislikes, the location, and (for additions) the existing building, than it does about me or what I like. I'm in favor of "form follows function", but also believe that part of the function of a home or work place is to inspire.

Some pictures of past projects are interspersed on this page. Hold your mouse over them for information about the project. Thanks for visiting!

new house1 exteriornew house interior

Some of my credentials, please click on the "resume" link for more detail:

Florida registered architect: RA0007529

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards certificate #39713

Continuing Education in recent years has been concentrated in hurricane-resistant construction and sustainable ("Green") home design.

  Member U.S. Green Building Council North Florida Chapter

Architecture resume